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  • Beluved 78Ti & Marker ER3 10 bindings - 2017
    Ski ability: A good choice for intermediates to advanced women skiers. Great for carving turns and tackling different types of terrain. Perfect on the groomers, but can handle the slush and soft snow also. ...
  • Luv Struck 80 and ER3 10 bindings
    Ski ability: A good choice for advanced intermediate and advanced women skiers who like to ski a variety of runs and in different snow conditions. The Luv Struck 80 skis (with Marker ERC 10 TC binding) from ...
  • X Drive 8.3 and XT12 binding
    X Drive 8.3 (with XT12 bindings) from Salomon. All mountain ski with a single Titanium laminate for great edge grip, efficient energy transfer and liveliness. The addition of a carbon X-Chassis and wood core su...
  • X-Drive 8.0 FS and XT12 binding
    X Drive 8.0 FS (with XT12 bindings) from Salomon. Performance all mountain ski giving a combination of on-piste precision and maneuverability like never before. The carbon X-Chassis and RKS strategically reinf...
  • Luv Machine 74Ti and ERC 11 TC bindings
    Ski ability: A good choice for advanced and expert women skiers who favour the piste. A performance ski, great for those that require speed and agility on the most demanding of runs. The Luv Machine 74 Ti s...
  • iKonic 80 and Marker M3 12TC binding
    The iKonic 80 ski (with Marker M3 12 TC binding) from K2's NEW iKonic all mountain series of skis. The NEW iKonic 80 ski features a redistributed dual wood K2 Konic construction with a lightweight and livel...
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