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What size do I need?

Below is a conversion from UK shoe sizes to mondopoint. Whilst this will give you your foot length, bear in mind that with ski boots we are looking for a boot (volume) size which can also be affected by a dominant feature, such as wide feet or large ankle. This is why sometimes ski boot size does not always correspond with your shoe size.

Foot length measurement
The first thing to do, is to measure the length of both feet to gain the longest mondopoint size. Mondopoint is a cm length, so you can measure this yourself, from the back of your heel to the end of your big toe. (This can be quite hard to do yourself correctly, do make sure you are measuring right from the back of heel and not just where the heel touches the ground), it may help to stand with your heel against a wall to assist with the measurement. Now add about 5mm at the end to allow for a normal fit (see shell test).

To give you a hand, below is a conversion from UK shoe sizes to mondopoint.





4 - 4.5



5 - 5.5



6 - 6.5



7 - 7.5



8 - 8.5



9 - 9.5



10 - 10.5



11 - 12



13 - 14

48 - 49


14 - 15

49.5 - 51

When trying on the boots

  • Try on your ski boots wearing a proper ski sock (only one sock required and this should reach above the height of the boot - pull out creases).
  • Remember you are meant to lean forward with your heel right back in the boot. Trying to stand up straight will make the boot uncomfortable and your heel will slide forward.
  • Tighten the buckles working from the bottom of the boot upwards. Try some ankle-flexes, this should push the heel further back in the boot and bring toes ever so slightly away from the end of the boot. Then tighten the adjustment a little more at the middle buckle (which should hold your heel in place) and tighten further upwards if now needed.
  • Do not over-tighten buckles as this will create pressure points. You should be looking for a close fit, without any excessive pressure needed from the buckles.

Shell test:
You can always try a shell test.
Pull the inner boot out of the ski boots shell. Then step into the boot shell and move forward until you big toe is lightly touching the end. There should be approx. 10-20mm space behind your heel. Then move your foot to a central position in the shell. No part of your foot should be touching the shell - if so the boots are too small. There should be about 3-5mm at the sides towards the front of the foot, 5-10mm either side of the ankle, 10mm above the instep. A shell test can help you identify if the boots are simply too small for your foot volume size. Because ski boots are fitted not just on length, but also on any dominant features of the foot - a large ankle or high instep. If the boot shell is touching your foot without the inner boot even being replaced, then that boot shell is not suitable for your foot size and shape. If there is excessive room, then even with the inner boot back in, the boots may be too large. Once the inner boot is replaced, you should have a close fit when in ski position (heels right back, weight forward).

We will only exchange ski boots returned in new condition. We will not exchange ski boots that have been worn outside, are scuffed or smelly.
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